Recount 2012: SR QQ Talk [12.05.12]

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Rainie: Congratulations on the success of Show Luo's concert! Though I'm sick, thankfully the virus did not affect my singing. And thank you Xiaozhu's wives for cheering me on tremendously, you guys are adorable. ❤ Do come to my concert next time! ;p

Show: Thanks for coming today! You're so pretty today! I'll definitely support you in your concert!

Rainie: It's a deal!

Recounting 2012

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Happy 2013!
I've been thinking for a while about what should be done about this website that has been a year dormant (well, almost) due to real life commitments. Good news is, you're hearing from me now. Hopefully the stint lasts and I can well find time to continue on talking about Show, Rainie and whoever and whatever more I like in entertainment.

Let's start in a series of posts recounting the moments of 2012. :)

So, still focused on Show & Rainie, this was my favourite of the year. What's yours?

I will love you as long as my heart is beating
羅志祥 Show Luo

娛樂百分百: 粉絲同樂會 楊丞琳 2012.09.12

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Rainie's Meet the Fans session on YLBFB will be telecast tomorrow!

ps: Apologies for going missing for a while. I have been busy with work for the past few months, despite wanting to update this site. Here on, it'll be more of captions and highlights as I currently do not have the bandwidth to provide full coverage as much as I want to.

Show-Rainie web of relationships

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Once before, I stumbled upon this map and today in my course of web surfing, I found it yet again. I guess it was fate that I should be sharing this Show-Rainie web of relationships. 

The map has classified as such:
Rainie-Show: Relationship "under wraps"
Show-Makiyo: Ex-lovers
Show-Selina: Ex-lovers
Show-Tia: Rumoured (which means denied by either party)
Show-Liz: Rumoured
Show-Jolin: Rumoured
Show-Amber: Rumoured
Rainie-Li Yi: Rumoured
Rainie-Xiaogui: Ex-lovers
Rainie-Roy Chiu: Ex-lovers
Rainie-Ben: Ex-lovers
(And of course her latest...
Rainie-Sunny Wang: Rumoured)
Show-Xiaogui: Good friends

I still feel that Xiaogui is a hindering factor as he's closely related to both sides and I'm sure they don't wish for him to be hurt if there is chance of their relationship blossoming.

For those who are curious, or new SR converts since Heartbeat Love. :)

[HBL] Beijing Interview 10.04.2012

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OMG! 1:45 onwards -
Reporter: Any possibility of you both falling in love?
Show: We had a scandal before.
Reporter: How about in real life?
Show: We've known each other for 10 years, and progressed from being on bad terms...
Rainie: (to the rescue!) I should say, becoming good friends is hard to come by. To take it a further step would be a miracle. Till now, we haven't the sparks... (the rest fades in comparison)

This I thought was important because they both did not deny possibilities of being together, the expression on their face affirms and Show was nervous! Signs?

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